"Imperium Illithidus"

Day 31

I. Crashed Onto Terroth “The tower crashed into the planar fragment and shattered. Half of the tower continued to drift through the astral sea. The other half – the part we were on – crash landed on the plane of Terroth, a burning world of lava and volcanic rock. This plane used to pay fealty to the Imperium, but 200 years ago Imperial Legions plundered and destroyed it. The survivors of the Imperium’s attack split into two factions – The salamanders of Sal-Terroth, and the humans of Ka-Terroth. The salamanders and humans lived in peace with each other for the next 150 years, but fifty years, ago the salamanders abruptly declared war.”

II. Brought Peace To Humans and Salamanders “With the assistance of an aging but idealistic knight named Sir Frosh, we brought peace to the two kingdoms. It turns out that the fifty years ago, the evil god Akbaar convinced the High Loremaster of the Salamanders (Sz’ook) that only war would bring his people opportunities for glory. Sz’ook incited a war by stealing an artifact of great cultural value (the Head of Professor Froshadin) and then accusing the human kingdom of Kal-Terroth of the crime. He ordered his servant Zekestrel to mislead the humans and prevent the true cause of the war from being known. We recovered the Head of Froshadin and brought Sz’oock to justice, but his death will bring little solace to the thousands of lives he ruined.”

III. Found Remains of Astral Ship “We also found the remains of an astral ship that had crash-landed on Terroth a week before we did. The pilot was a spy for the Rebellion, and from his journals we learned that he had discovered some vital piece of information before he crashed and died. He believes that unless he can bring this information to his superior officer, the Rebellion against the Imperium is doomed. We don’t know what this information was, but we did recover a mysterious red rock. It’s very structure defies reality – Zurimoh believes that it has something to do with the Far Realm.”

Remaining Quests:
  • Located The Lost People In The Astral Tower
  • Deliver the Mysterious Red Rock To Arcavius Of Baetus
  • Find An Astral Ship And Enter The Astral Plane
  • Stop The Imperial Raiding Party



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