"Imperium Illithidus"

Day 32

I. Created New Government “After bringing High Loremaster Sz’ook to justice, we established peace and a new government for the inhabitants of this plane. Prince Donar, who led the survivors of our shattered world, would govern all as Emperor. Warlord Charz of Sal-Terroth would preside over military matters as War-King, and King Terroth of Ka-Terroth would preside over civil matters as Peace-King. The three leaders accepted our proposal, and a formal treaty was signed. We created a third department for research matters, and we appointed a wizard from our home plane to oversee it (Eric Sorrow).

II. Judgment of Zekestrel “As for the traitorous Salamander Zekestrel, we faced a dilemma. Did he deserve to die for the war-crimes he committed, or should he be pardoned because he was merely following orders? In the end, we gave him is life, but not his dignity. He has physically punished, and he will now serve us by manning the planner observatory.”

III. Animated Professor Froshadin “We knew we needed to get to the astral plane, but the only astral shipwright to ever live on this plane (Professor Froshadin) had been dead for 200 years. His head had been separated from his body long ago. Sir Frosh, the idealistic knight who helped us bring peace between the Salamanders and the Humans, sought to prevent us from questioning his ancestor. He hid the body in a trapped dungeon, and his wife convinced War-King Charz not to give us the head. Fortunately, we recovered both the body and the head, and our necromancer was able to animate Professor Froshadin as a mummy. Professor Froshadin agreed to help repair the crashed astral ship, and then joined Eric Sorrow as a researcher.”

IV. Learned Secret of Frosh’s Family “We learned that Professor Froshadin, Sir Frosh’s ancestor, was responsible for the Imperial Attack on Terroth 200 years ago. He dedicated his life to finding a way to pay the Imperial tribute without sending human beings to be devoured by Illithids. He spent years mastering the fields of Summoning and Astral Navigation, and when he was ready, he replaced Terroth’s annual tribute ship of captives with his own ship filled with summoned creatures. Not surprisingly, this illithids of Penumbra judged his offering as unacceptable. Imperial Legions sacked the plane of Terroth shortly afterwards.”

V. Learned Secret of Frosh’s Family “Professor Froshadin repaired the Planar Drive on the crashed astral ship, which we jury-rigged to an Imperial canoe and warped into the Astral Sea. The captain of the Imperial Battleship, a beholder with a pirate hat and eye patch, laughed at our makeshift craft and opened fire with the ship’s Drakkencannons. But Meeko the Kobold managed to pilot us to the Imperial Battleship. The Beholder Captain and his two Death Giant lieutenants engaged us in bitter hand-to-hand combat, and though some of us were grievously wounded, at the end of the day we were victorious! We now command an Astral Ship, which we have renamed _.”

Remaining Quests:
  • Located The Lost People In The Astral Tower
  • Deliver the Mysterious Red Rock To Arcavius Of Baetus



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