"Imperium Illithidus"

Day 33

I. Uncovered Imperial Research Project We discovered more information about the Imperial plan referenced in the journal of the slain rebel spy (Rubin Derishnick). Apparently, the Imperium is conducting a research project that requires a large quantity of an extremely rare mineral called Anarchite. What this research project involves is unknown. However, if the Imperium ever obtains enough Anarchite and successfully transports it to Penumbra, then we suspect it may be “game over” for us all.

II. Destroyed Anarchite The slain rebel spy (Rubin Derishnick) had learned that a a piece of our recently shattered home plane (Terroth) contains enough Anarchite to complete the Imperial research project by itself. He had also learned that an Imperial Galleon had been dispatched to tow the Anarchite to Penumbra. The galleon reached the meteor and began to tow it, but was destroyed by a Xtltlxl Queen before reaching its destination. The queen subsequently established a lair in the Anarchite meteor, and mutated from concentrated exposure to the aberrant substance.

III. Eliminated Xtltlxl Queen The mutated Xtltlxl queen reproduced at a greatly accelerated rate, and soon the entire sector was under attack by mutant Xtltlxl swarms. These creatures were stronger, faster, and tougher than the xtltlxl we had previously encountered. Also, their eyes were replaced with Anarchite, similar to the way the followers of the primordial we destroyed (The Jeweled Auditor) had eyes replaced with gemstones. We pieced together clues to determine the Queen’s location, and we destroyed both her and the Anarchite meteor in a climactic battle. Many other Xtltlxl queens remain in the multiverse, but this sector should be safe from those horrific undead monstrosities for now.

IV. Rescued Other Survivors of Westerville We found the survivors of Prince Donar’s tower alive and well on Murion’s Green Shard, a fertile plane of great beauty and abundant plant life. Father Genie, a djinn priest of Ba’ar, has been watching over our people and they have prospered. Father Genie came with us to fight the Xtltlxl queen for the holy purpose of “kicking ass for the Lord.”

V. Dreams of Akbaar (part two) Zacharius’s dreams were again visited by the balor servant of the evil god Akba’ar, although he appears to have been demoted to glabrezu since our last encounter. Previously, the demon had tried and failed to intimidate Zacharius into admitting Akbaar’s superiority with images of violence and destruction. This time, the demon was equally unsuccessful employing hopelessness and despair. Zacharius’s retaliatory horror, madness, and flowers forced the creature to flee, and our necromancer’s strength over the followers of Akbaar grew stronger.

VI. Met an Officer of the Rebellion We met the dead rebel spy’s commanding officer, Arcavius. This man governs the ship-building world of Baetus with the title “Chief Bureaucrat.” Baetus maintains a fleet of eleven small ships, which will surely be useful in the coming days.


Important to note is that the asteroid came from the ruins of our plane, and that the bugs had the gem eyes of the servants of the now slain Jeweled Auditor. If that’s important we’ll find out later.

Day 33

Thanks, I’ll add those to the main log.

Day 33

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