"Imperium Illithidus"

Day 36

I. Relocated Prince Donar’s People We transported Prince Donar, Father Genie and the remaining refugees of our home plane to the fertile, temperate Green Shard. Many of the humans of Terroth chose to relocate here also. Prince Donar was crowded King Donar the First, and the entire kingdom was renamed “Donaria.”

II. Holy Smokes, the Imperium is Invading! Word of Prince Donar’s independent kingdom has reached the Imperium. An invasion force has been dispatched, and will arrive in six days. We may have a difficult battle on our hands if we choose to fight. In ten thousand years, no world has ever defeated an Imperial Conquest Fleet.

III. Accepted Quest for Aid from Ba’ar Father Genie promised to fight with us against the Imperium. The god Ba’ar has also promised to call his priests to fight for us if we prove ourselves worthy. To Ba’ar, “worthy” means finding the Crown and Scepter of his dead father Babar, King of the Gods and Elephants. Babar had intended to pass the Crown and Scepter to his “true heir,” but was killed before he was able to do so.

IV. Obtained Aid of Baetus via “Captain” Arcavius We sailed from the Green Shard to Baetus, where Chief Bureaucrat Arcavius revealed his secret identity : “Captain Arcavius” of the Rebellion. Arcavius suffers from a split personality disorder and uses a luchador mask to switch between identities. This mental illness gives him a unique advantage against the Imperium; because only one personality knows anything about the Rebellion, the other personality is effectively immune to the telepathic interrogation.

V. Learned Location of a Rebellion General Captain Arcavius gave us the address of his commanding officer (General Silvertongue). General Silvertongue operates out of a backroom office on the urban plane of Murion Prime, where he commands a fleet of ships and serves and the Rebellion’s chief negotiator.

VI. Conquered Ogres of Steel Shard The ogres barbarians of the Steel Shard had been following the orders of an insane beholder called “The Dark Knight.” We convinced the ogres that Zurimoh was the Dark Knight, not the Beholder, by using some fairly impression reasoning and logic. The ogres have agreed to fight for us as long as we provide slaughter and plunder, though their savage natures may require substantial supervision.

VII. Failed to Win the Humans of Steel Shard Though we almost recruited a substantial number of paladins to our cause, in the end we could not convince the humans of the Steel Shard to join us. Their society is based on the principals of order and virtue, which they believe separates them from the ogre barbarians. They do not seem inclined to aid the Imperium beyond their contractual obligations, but they are also unwilling to undermine order by openly rebelling. An ethical discussion of what to do with them followed, which remains unresolved.

Active Quests:
  • Deal with the soon-to-arrive Imperial Invasion Fleet
  • Locate the Crown and Scepter of Babar
  • Find General Silvertongue (his address is on Murion Prime)
  • Decide how to handle the Humans of the Steel Shard


Hi JD Just having look at how your campaign is developing. I notice that your adventure logs seem to encompass quite lofty events with armies mustering against conquerers and forming alliances etc. How does this fit in with your character’s gameplay? Do you play around a table or all online? Are your interactive sessions involving skirmishes (as per usual DnD play) or do you organise mass battles (in the style of large tabletop campaigns)? I would be interested to know.

I love your little homages (e.g. Babar, King of Gods and Elephants). Too much fun!!!!!

twiggyleaf aka Mark

Day 36

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