"Imperium Illithidus"

Day 37 (part 2)

I. Purchased Mercenaries from the Maharaja: The rakshasa Maharaja Khazan of Murion Prime agreed to lend us most of his fleet for the purpose of “eliminating the Xtltlxl bug threat in the sector” in exchange for 150,000 gold pieces. Though he clearly knows we intend to use them to resist the Imperial invasion force, he has taken elaborate measures to conceal his treachery from the Imperium while enriching himself.

II. Obtained Supply Ships from the Independent Traders: Mister Khar of the League of Independent Traders agreed to use his ships to run supplies in exchange for favorable trading rights in our nation. Mister Khar appears human, but we believe he is actually a rakshasa of a rival clan.

III. Returned Regalia of Babar (sort of): We returned the Regalia of Babar (i.e. the Crown and Scepter) to Father Genie, but the Regalia declared Ba’ar was not its true heir. The crown does function for Mugsy, but only combined with his Crown of the Universe. We believe that Mugsy is no more accepted by Babar’s crown than Ba’ar was, but that his Crown of the Universe somehow allows him to access its powers.

IV. Revisited Chief Thunder and Dr. Sarzia: After years of resisting the misconception that he is a holy leader of Ba’ar’s church, well-intentioned rumors spread by Mannon finally broke Chief Thunder’s spirit. He now serves Ba’ar as his most famous and gave up and became the most reluctant priest Ba’ar has ever had. We also revived Dr. Scalia, the Imperial formorian scientist we rescued, and gave her a more appealing form. Dr. Scalia showed us the schematics for an Imperial supercannon powered by anarchite, and helped us develop countermeasures against it.

IV. Learned Secrets of the Swarm Lord: We explored the Temple of the Swarm Lord on the Jungle Shard. The Swarm Lord appears to be less than a god but more than a mortal – perhaps a Demigod or Demon Prince. Ancient writings suggest that he made an alliance with Ba’ar to enact some sort of contingency plan before the illithids conquered the multiverse 10,000 years ago. Also we encountered LIVE xtltlxl (not undead), as well as a powerful ritual capable of creating life.

VI. Damn, Illithids are TOUGH!: We discovered a secret illithid research laboratory under the Temple of the Swarm Lord, where several xtltlxl and the Swarm Lord himself were being experimented upon. We fought skillfully and with great courage, but we were overpowered. In the end, only Hieronemous escaped with his life. He recovered our bodies and raised us several days later, but by then illithids had completed their research and departed with the Swarm Lord.



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