"Imperium Illithidus"

Day 75


Summary We inflamed General Von Silicar’s suspicions of his priestly Akbaar allies, and convinced him to launch an attack against the cathedral. Before the attack, we located the “heretical” Free Akbaar movement and partially re-wrote some of the tenets of their faith. The we participated in the attack on the Grand Cathedral of Akbaar and slew Cardinal Belphegor. We were unable to enter the inner sanctum of the cathedral until we stole the bag of holding from General Von Silicar’s belt. Inside this bag of holding was the Ashtherosh clone of Zacharias, who helped us enter the inner sanctum. There, we slew the Ashtherosh clone of the god Akbaar.


I. Convinced Imperium To Attack Church of Akbaar We met with General Von Silicar, leader of the Unyielding regiment that has blockaded this plane. While the General professed to be “a man of reason and science,” we realized a better description might be “ a man of irrational skepticism and suspicion.” We fanned the flames of his pre-existing suspicions about the legitimate Church of Akbaar, and soon General Von Silicar ordered a full assault on his supposed allies!

II. Located the “Heretical” Akbaar Movement We located the leader of the rival movement of Akbaar, who turned out to be none other than Bob: the priest Bael’aran had cowed into submission back on Murion Prime. Back on Murion Prime, Bob became more terrified of us than he had ever been of the evil god Akbaar, and he believes that Akbaar must be free if the god is ever to inspire the type of fear that a god of evil and Bad Stuff should. Also, we decided that Bob needed a more terrifying name, and renamed him “Beelze-Bob.”

III. Shaped the New Faith of Akbaar We subtly guided the three tenets of the new Faith of Akbaar: 1. Akbaar is to be not only be the god of Bad Stuff, but also the god of Kicking Ass and the Tarrasque (the later due to a disastrous misinterpretation of what the party was attempting to communicate) 2. Akbaar is to be loved as well as feared 3. More fear is created by the unknown of when Bad Stuff will happen; in this regard, sometimes less is more.

IV. Joined the Assault of the Cathedral of Akbaar As the Imperial Unyielding regiment launched their all out assault, we joined in and slaughtered Cardinal Belphegor and many other priests. The lich Zacharias and the sailor Al’Ceril (both PCs) were slain in the attack but were raised from the dead shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, we discovered that a ritual was being performed in the inner sanctum of the temple that we could not enter. This ritual would summon a horrible, aberrant clone of the god Akbaar.

V. Met Alternate Zacharius HK and Bael’aran returned to General Von Silcar’s command fortress and stole a bag of holding that the general himself had stolen from the priests of Akbaar. Inside, we found the Ashtherosh clone of Zacharius (read more about Ashtherosh clones here). Because the Elder Evil Ashtherosh creates a duplicate of anything one of its aberrant clones touches, Cardinal Belphagor used this clone to create a duplicate of his god, Akbaar. The Church of Akbaar was to unleash the god if all seemed lost, which would destroy the plane of Cania as well as any credibility of the “Free Akbaar” movement.

Like our own Zacharius (a PC), the clone of Zacharius is a perverse, twisted monstrosity. However, he is perverse by the aberrant standards of the Far Realm, which by our standards makes him a pretty decent fellow. He fails to see why Ashtherosh wants to destroy all of True Reality – a view so alien and perverse, Ashetherosh severed all connection with him. He can no longer create Ashetherosh clones by touching things, nor can he see anything not touched by Ashtherosh. But this (mostly) blind paladin was able to give us access to the inner sanctum where Akbaar was being summoned.

VI. Holy Smokes, We Killed [the clone of] Akbaar! In the inner sanctum, the aberrant clone of the god Akbaar stepped out of the Far Realm and into True Reality. After a brief but absurdly difficult battle, we slew him!
DM’s Note : Akbaar’s clone was a solo monster 10 level higher than the party. Good tactics combined with amazing dice rolls made this an unexpected and probably thoroughly unrepeatable victory. Not the direction I was planning to go with this, but wow!


To Do List

  • Smash General Von Silicar and the remaining Imperial Soldiers
  • Restore Lady Ifali to her summer home
  • Cement Bael’aran’s support amongst the devils of Cania
  • Have Bael’aran publically proclaim support for the “Free Akbaar” movement



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