Cuthane / Culwan

Former king of the evil fey, and his son


Culthane and Culwan and both large, powerful Fomorians. Both are an ugly, deformed giants with purple-gray skin, a humpback, and crooked limbs. Crowns, scepters, purple cloaks, and other trappings of royalty only serve to increase the horrific image of these beings.


Culthane was the former king of the evil fey in the Westerville feywild. He attempted to possess the PCs in service to Nerull, but was slain before his plan could be achieved. His son Culwan swore vengeance against those who murdered his father!

Culwan survived the destruction of Westerville, and consolidated his power in the eternal darkness of the Sunset shard. He was discovered by the party in their search for allies against the Imperial invasion.

Culwan boasted that before he killed the PCs, he would make them suffer as he had suffered by killing the ones they held most dear. The party tricked Culwan into believing their Imperial enemies were, in fact, their loved ones, and so Culwan and his horde of Evil Fey inadvertently joined their fight against the Imperial invasion fleet.

Whether Culwan survived the battle with the Imperium is unknown.

Cuthane / Culwan

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