Alec Corieon (aka General Silvertongue)


A tall, confident elf with green eyes, regal clothing, and a charming, disarming smile. You immediately sense that you can trust Alec Corieon. Yes, you can completely and totally believe every beautiful word that flows from his mouth. So genuine. So beautiful.


Alec Corieon’s history with the PCs stretches back long before anyone realized that the illithid Imperium existed, or even that the plane of Westerville was but one of many planes. Back then, Alec Corieon was the head architect of the city of Lockevile and worked with the Westerville Academy to locate scholars who could help him bring down the barrier. The ends he worked towards were always good, but sometimes his methods proved too ruthless in the execution.

After the barrier fell and the plane of Westerville discovered the rest of the multiverse, Alec Corieon disappeared. The PCs found him a few weeks later, where he had been promoted to the rank of General in the rebellion (mostly by taking credit for the PCs accomplishments).

“General Silvertongue,” as Alec Corieon came to be known, possesses little in the way of real abilities and skills of his own. But his natural talent with deceiving his enemies and inspiring fanatical loyalty in his followers has proven most valuable when operating a guerrilla resistance, and Alec Corieon has therefore proven to be surprisingly competent leader.

Alec Corieon (aka General Silvertongue)

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