Hyronemous, level 24

Deva, Wizard, Hermetic Saboteur, Radiant One

Arcane Implement Mastery: Staff of Defense

Background: Touched by Darkness

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 23, Dex 14, Int 25, Wis 16, Cha 12.

AC: 35 Fort: 41 Reflex: 41 Will: 44 HP: 125 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 31

TRAINED SKILLS Arcana +24, Dungeoneering +20, Nature +20, Religion +26

FEATS Ritual Caster; Alchemist; Implement Expertise (wand); Student of Moil; Wintertouched; Improved Staff of Defense; Lasting Frost; Destructive Wizardry; Radiant Power; Dual Implement Spell Caster; War Wizardry; Alchemical Opportunist; Epic Fortitude; Robust Defenses; Epic Reflexes; Epic Will; Quick Draw;

POWERS At Will: Magic Missile; Thunderwave;

Encounter: Chain Lightning; Combust; Prismatic Burst; Psychic Detonations; Ray of Frost;

Daily: Fire Scythe; Acid Wave; Prismatic Beams; Saboteur’s Ward;

Spellbook: Plague of Illusions; Blast of Cold; Ice Storm;

Utility: Phantasmal Terrain; Shield; Wizard’s Escape; Warp the Weave; Mass Resistance; Illusory Wall; Stoneskin; Elemental Countermeasures; Wall of Force; Blur;


As a youth: As a young child Hyronemous was abandoned by his parents, left to survive on his own in the great city of Pharin. His youth was spent attempting to survive through small con games and petty thievery, until he was discovered and taken in by the Cult of Ashtherosh. They found great arcane potential within him, and so raised and taught him in the ways of the wizard. He spent almost a decade with them, learning, participating in group sacrifices, and growing. He was always told by the cult’s leader and seer, Rainic’ Anma that he had a great destiny, and to fulfill it, he would aid in a great ritual, to summon Ashtherosh, when he was strong enough.

The Great Ritual: When Hyronemous had become a wizard of significant power, the cult determined he was ready. The cult spent several weeks in revelry, while Hyronemous pulled together the final components of the ritual following Rainic’s instructions. When Hyronemous pulled together the last of the components, a green gem of moderate size, the ritual was ready to begin. Rainic’ led the cult in the ritual, with Hyronemous at the center, it’s focus. As the raw magic began to tear at reality itself, Hyronemous realized the danger that the ritual was placing him in; he managed to redirect the magical energies towards Rainic’ using the gem as a focus.

A new Cult of Ashtherosh: After Hyronemous awoke from the destruction caused by his medling in the ritual, he discovered that he had trapped Rainic’s spirit in the gem and slain all of the cultists involved in the ritual. Hyronemous, over the next several months, hunted down and slew the remaining cultists, then proceeded to start a new Cult of Ashtherosh, with himself at the head. He spread the tale that the ritual had been successful, even if it had killed all of the cultists, and that Ashtherosh had been summoned into his mortal body. He then proceeded to gather a following of loyal and loving followers, that he taught the ways of magic.

The end of the world: The time that was not taken up with teaching his new followers, he spent researching new magics and consulting the trapped spirit of Rainic’. A few years passed like, then he recieved a warning from Rainic’: “Soon the world will be destroyed…[and] you with it.” Knowing that Ashtherosh was a being from another world, Hyronemous worked on a plan to escape from the world he was on. After much research he found that although the link between world is to weak to allow normal magical passage, with the properly enhanced magics it would be possible. To power his ritual he had a half dozen of his followers prepare to kill themselves as part of the ritual, so that their souls could be the conduit he could use to travel between worlds. He promised them, that he would find a way to bring them back to life on the new world he went to, but before he could discover how to do it, great warships were seen in the sky over the world. His time having run out, he was forced to enact the ritual early without proper preparation.

Once again, a stranger: The ritual was performed, the followers sacrificed themselves, and he channeled his magic to follow the course of their spirits, all appeared to work as intended, except when he arrived, he found himself in the land of the dead and not another world. He soul had been seperated from his body, and he did not know where his follower’s souls were. He spent an unknown amount of time searching for them and exploring this land of souls, a stranger to everyone, before meeting others who did not seem to belong. Figuring that his best chance at escape was to join these newcomers, he joined them in their quest to restore someone to the Raven Queen’s throne.

The Lords of the Hidden Aether:


"Imperium Illithidus" Hyronemous