Prince Donar


The blue skinned winged dragonborn is a towering warrior, master of Yari-Jutsu (spear). He has two breath weapons, one a healing mist obtained by receiving the approval of Bahamat and one of Lightning a gift from Heironeous at the time of the final blessing.


The battle poet Prince Donar Dragwald Ramierz path to greatness did not begin with his legendary victory at the battle of Wimble’s Folly, nor did it start when King Ramirez the XVII adopted him to be his ceremonial son in keeping with the tradition of the Westlands that started with absolution day, nor when he won the Iron Wings that marked him as a living legend surviving the gladiatorial games in the Dao Gulag. His first steps towards a greater destiny began one month prior to his coming of age rite, the Excudo, when Donar broke free from the domination of the illithid outcast Dr. Nil through a poetic fractal. With the destruction of his home plane, Donar once a token prince, now finds himself as the last tie to a corrupt dynasty which can find redemption if he can keep the Westerville survivors and culture alive in the Imperium Illithidus.

On Day 22, Prince Donar fought alongside the PCs and helped them repel a massive assault by the undead Xtltlxl.

Prince Donar

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