General Von Silicar

Leader of THE UNYIELDING Imperial regiment. Blockaded Cania to keep the "Free Akbaar" movement from spreading, but was ultimately thwarted by the PCs and by his own suspicious nature.


A massive stone giant. General Von Silicar harder than granite and stronger than steel. He shrugs off blows that would shatter a mountain 10 times his size. And yes, a mountain is only about 10 times his size.


General Von Silicar is toughest member of The Unyielding, a regiment already known for its supernatural resilience. The General routine subjects himself to dragon breath, titans’ fists, and other incredibly powerful attacks to keep up his near impossible resistance to attack.

Von Silicar believes himself to be a man of science and reason, but more accurately he is simply a man who lacks faith. Suspicion consumes him. When he was ordered to Cania to purge the underground “Free Akbaar” movement, he turned the entire plane into a puritan inquisition.

The PCs eventually used Von Silicar’s suspicious nature against him. He became convinced that his allies in the legitimate church of Akbaar were plotting against him, and preemptively launched an attack. With both sides weakened, the PCs were able to kill both their enemies with one stone, so to speak.

General Von Silicar

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