Favored of Baar


Avenger/Favored Soul/Punisher of the Gods

HP: 176 AC: 41 Fort: 39 Ref: 40 Will: 43

Passive Insight: 32

Passive Perception: 37

Strength: 14 Constitution: 18 Dexterity: 20 Intelligence: 13 Wisdom: 27 Charisma: 14

Resist Necrotic: 17 Resist Radiant: 17 Resist Fire: 17

At Will: Overwhelming Strike, Bond of Pursuit

Encounter Attacks: Lethal Intercession, Dervish Strike, Bond of Justice, Radiant Rush

Daily Attacks: Stroke of Doom, Aspect of Fury, Aspect of Death, Celestial Skirmish

Armor: Feycloth Armor of Essence

Weapon: Photonblade of Ta’el

Amulet: Bloodgem Amulet



-To promote the ideals of the Church of Baar (namely kicking ass).

-To eradicate evil and cowardice in the multiverse, particularly the Church of Akbaar, Zacharias the Unclean, and those pesky mindflayers. And chickens.

-To found his own Church, dedicated to teaching orphans how to kick ass in the name of Baar.

Love Interests:


Hated Enemies:

-Zacharias the Unclean

-The Church of Akbaar



Little is known of Mannon or his backstory. He is an immortal Deva, and so there was never a period of time where Mannon was a child or experienced any kind of weakness in his existence. He was never born, but has always existed, and as such, has had an eternity to learn how to kick ass properly, all in the name of his Lord Baar. It is often suspected by scholars that the reason why so little is known of Mannon is because there are seldom any survivors.

Mannon possesses an extreme prejudice towards poultry, chickens in particular, such that he goes out of his way to ensure their destruction. It is thought that this stems from his hatred of cowardice in general, as he will typically justify the wholesale slaughter of helpless livestock fowl with the phrase “Just listen to their name! CHICKENS!” This zealous attitute is applied to the majority of his decisions, be it on or off the battlefield. He is bluntly honest, seeing deception as a form of cowardice, and often interacts with others with the assumption that they are every bit as willing to throw themselves into the heart of battle as Mannon is… until shown otherwise. Mannon is good-intentioned and expresses a desire to defend the weak and praise the brave, but displays of cowardice (by the weak or powerful) are intolerably criminal acts in Mannon’s mind.

Despite the fact that the archlich Zacharias is entirely unaware of Mannon’s existence, Mannon has been on a manhunt for Zacharias for years, due to the above reasons. Zacharias is the very definition of cowardice and cruelty, which makes him a blight upon the multiverse as far as Mannon is concerned. In a humorous twist of fate, whenever Zacharias decides to leave the party for a time to pursue his own objectives, Mannon revisits the party, always narrowly missing an epic encounter with the archlich. Then, when Mannon leaves to resume his hunt for Zacharias, the archlich returns to adventure with the party once again. A mighty showdown between the two seems inevitable, though Mannon and Zacharias both assist the party’s agendas during the downtime between their own.

Mannon’s combat style is distinctive, always targeting the most powerful-looking enemy he can see and working his way down from there, all the while quoting the holy scriptures of Baar. Fleeing opponents (or allies) especially incur Mannon’s wrath, and it is not uncommon for him to break combat with his current opponent in order to engage a fleeing one. This is thought to be the reason why there are so very few survivors of battlefields where Mannon is present.

Mannon’s zeal and exemplification of the ideals of the Church of Baar have allowed him to rise through its ranks quickly. He has been named a Favored Soul of Baar and serves as one of the god’s archangels. Mannon is Baar’s archangel Punisher of Cowardice, bringing a swift and glorious end to all who give in to fear and shame.


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