Sultan Bashumgarda & Wives


Sultan Bashumgarda is an all-powerful efreet (genie), continually wreathed in flames and power. Think “Jafar” from Disney’s Aladdin after he becomes a genie, but even more megalomaniacal and powerful.

Lady Ifali is a female efreet. She is mentally sharp, physically beautiful, and regal in bearing.

The other three wives have not been encountered by the PCs as of the time of this writing (6/07/2001).


The absolute ruler of the Empire of Brass is the Grand Sultan of the Efreet, the Lord of Flame, the Potentate Incandescent, the Tempering and Eternal Flame of Truth, the Most Puissant of Hunters, Marshall of the Order of the Fiery Heart, the Smoldering Dictator, the Crimson Firebrand, Bashumgarda Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben Lazen. He rules from his Charcoal Palace in the absolute center of the City of Brass. Sultan Bashumgarda’s empire controls 247 planes, while no other “mini-empire” within the Empire controls more than 8 or 10. Arguably, this makes Sultan Bashumgarda the most powerful being in the multiverse outside of the direct Imperial military hierarchy (barring the mind flayers, of course).

To actually oversee the operations of his vast nation, the Sultan depends heavily on his four wives: Lady Ifali, Lady Yasirah, Lady Mhu, and Lady Tiani. The first three wives each bear responsibility for overseeing 60-80 planar shards each. Lady Tiani is responsible for only one : the City of Brass itself.

  • Lady Ifali resides on the Para-Elemental Plane of Smoke, but the PCs first encountered her at her summer palace on Cania, the 8th hell. She had been on the plane when General Von Silicar began his ill-fated blockade. The PCs earned her gratitude when they ended the blockade without seeking official recognition or reward from her.
  • Lady Yasirah Not Yet Encountered
  • Lady Mhu Not Yet Encountered
  • Lady Tiani Not Yet Encountered

Sultan Bashumgarda & Wives

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