"Imperium Illithidus"

Day 30

Eight days have passed since our great victory over the Xtltlxl swarm. Rations have run low. We now spend the bulk of our time casting Traveler’s Feast rituals to stave off famine as long as possible. Prince Donar has summoned us to the tower’s battlements for an emergency planning session; it seems as though the tower is on course to enter a planar fragment in under 24 hours.

Day 22 (continued)

Each creature was a grotesque mix of spines, claws, carapaces, and oozing acids. They flew into a frenzy as they caught the scent of our sweet, sweet living flesh, and surged ravenously towards us! Prince Donar joined us in repelling their assault. We battled for hours, vaporizing wave after wave of these vile beasts, and in the end, we were victorious.

After the battle, Prince Donar summoned everyone to the tower’s great hall. He employed descriptions of our victory to ease the fears of his subjects, who have been on edge after the world was shattered. We also spoke to the people. We assured them that we would protect them with our arcane prowess, but we also cautioned them to remain ever vigilant. Who knows what horrors the future holds?

Day 22

“Several weeks have passed since we defeated the Jeweled Auditor and Nerull. Though the world was destroyed, our actions caused it to merely shatter, not disintegrate. Most of the worlds inhabitants survive, and all but the most cold-hearted feel that they owe us their lives. The people of our world now drift lazily through the astral sea on tiny islands of earth, far away from us and from each other. Who knows where or when we might see them again?”

“For the past few weeks, we have been floating in the Astral Sea in a tower with Prince Donar and almost a thousand of his subjects. A starry night sky expands forever above us, below us, beside us – it feels like drifting through a fantastic version of outer space. Silvery clouds of psychic energy break the monotony and feel cool to the touch. Astral ships – from tiny skiffs to mighty galleons – fade in and out of view every few days but never come close enough to interact with.”

“On the twenty-second day, our tower drifted through the half-eaten wrecks of a dozen astral ships. We glimpsed skittering movements out of the corner of our eyes. Suddenly, a hoard of giant, undead insect creatures burst from the wreckage and swarmed onto the tower!”

2009: 12/6

The Ochleum made the barrier, and the Ochleum can unmake it. We open a portal to Lokeville and emerge in a sewer system, where we find the corpses of many halfings. The Dragonborn Tails have been massacred. We are attacked by a band of hyenas and archers. After the fight, the surviving Dragonborn tails emerge from hiding and take us to the founder of the dragonborn tails. There we see our old friend Alec Corieon, who introduces us to the founder of the Dragonborn Tails. This founder turns out to be none other than the Great Wyrm red dragon Fyrewind, who also founded our own wizard’s academy.

2009: 11/29

Day 4: We arrived at Glasya’s tower. We met several major NPCs from past adventures, including Myers Black and Algomore, and then met with Glasya herself. She told us that the Ochleum is needed to break the barrier. However, the last piece Ochleum is broken, and we need to sacrifice an artifact to recreate it. The party chose to sacrifice the Loathly Mirror.

Also, the Dragonborn Tails scouts we sent out to obtain information on Nerull’s weakness reported. Nerull is using the Prince as an Avatar – if the Prince is killed, Nerull can be killed. Also, there is a secret area deep below Lokeville that Nerull can’t get past. The key is opened with arcane knowledge. However, the leader of the witch hunter thinks he’s found a physical key that can also physically open it.

2009: 11/15

Day 1: In search of the secrets of domination used by the the formorian Cuthane, we reached the dark, underground core of Loke Mountain. There, we defeated Cuthane and his dragon, goblin, dark elf minions after an extraordinarily difficult fight. We also learned that they don’t like formorians, and managed to lift the curse from the people of Mithrendain.

The Story So Far...

The PCs, the only wizards in a world without magic, quest to return arcane energy to their world. They seek to bring down a barrier that keeps arcane energy out, but also protects the plane from the mind flayer’s empire.

Time is running out for them to bring down the barrier. The god of death, Nerull, has risen from the dead and is causing great devestation. Meanwhile, a primordial of great power called the Jeweled Auditor seeks to imprison the world in stasis.


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