Meeko (by CindeR)

He may be small! He may be timid!...but his "friends" sure aren't either one!


Note: Meeko is a creation of CindeR, not jdcengel. This is a placeholder for Meeko until we can figure out while CindeR’s character isn’t attaching properly to the campaign.

Meeko the Kobold

Stats: Str 9, Con 20, Dex 13, Int 22, Wis 12, Cha 11 AC 30, Fort 26, Ref 28, Will 25

Weapons: Summoner’s Staff +4, Book of Undeniable Fire +3

Items: Healer’s Sash, Circlet of Mental Onslaught, Spell Anchors, Steadfast Amulet +2, Phylactery of Action, Drowmesh Parchment Armor.

Powers: At Will – Shifty, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Storm Pillar, Thunderwave

Encounter – Shock Beetle Swarm, Tomebound Ooze, Planar Gateway, Earth Brute, Healing Infusion, Staff of Defense

Daily- Summon Fire Warrior, Mordenkainen’s Guardian Hound, Summon Chainbearer, Wall of Fire [SB], Grease, Fireball [SB], Flaming Sphere [SB]

Utility – Summon Shadow Serpent, Summon Iron Cohort, Summon Hammerfist Crusher, Enduring Summons, Shield, Wizard’s Escape, Mass Resistance, Displacement, Stoneskin


Note: Meeko is a creation of CindeR, not jdcengel. This is a placeholder for Meeko until we can figure out while CindeR’s character isn’t attaching properly to the campaign.

His name is Meeko the Kobold. One of a select few Kobolds among the race to decide to take up the robes of a wizard. At an early age Meeko, while scrounging for food in the trash of a huge tower in the city he was born beneath he uncovered a tattered piece of parchment containing some strange symbols. His brothers scoffed at him for giving the “not food” even a seconds thought. But Meeko was fascinated by the symbols and pocketed the tattered thing. It took Meeko many months to work out the symbols on the paper in secret for fear of having it stolen by his brothers. Finally he had figured it out, he worked it out in his head over and over until he finally got it right. He spoke the words on the paper using the correct inflections and syllables and suddenly the paper burst into flame and a large wasp made made of pure light came into existence, launching itself into the next room and struck one of his clanmates dead. He was immediately addicted! The feeling that creating the creature gave him was indescribable. He wanted…no…NEEDED to learn more! His clan exiled him from the sewers for killing one of their own. Meeko was well named as he is a truly skittish kobold even among the notably evasive race. Going out by himself was a terrifying thought. He never wanted to be alone. Then it dawned on him, he would make friends! Literally he would MAKE friends. He ran to the Tower he first found the scroll at, which he later learned was called the Mages Academy. The wizards there at first shooed him off thinking him just as stupid and not worthy of their attention as the other vermin in the sewers. They soon realized he was no normal kobold, processing and intellect far superior to the others of his race. They allowed him entrance and decided to train him in the ways of the wizard. There Meeko learned to summon the companions he needed to not feel so timid.

Behavior/Mannerism: Meeko is a skittish little kobold but two things make him feel better: Companions (summoned or otherwise), and tomes. He has an almost unhealthy obsession with Tomes, especially those involving summoning, tending to hold one in each hand during battle and sleeps with several tucked under his arms. His only real reason for adventure is because he seeks more knowledge, more knowledge = more friends, is his reasoning. Unlike most summoner’s, Meeko does not consider his summoned creations his slaves or servants but rather his friends and treats them as such. Meeko will never send one of his “friends” on any sort of suicide mission unless it absolutely meant his own survival. He does have his friends protect him however (they ARE bigger after all).

Meeko (by CindeR)

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