The Unclean



HP: 128
AC: 39
Fort: 39
Ref: 40
Will: 39

Passive Insight: 29

Passive Perception: 24

Strength: 13
Constitution: 19
Dexterity: 14
Intelligence: 29
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 14

Resist Necrotic: 17
Resist Poison: 17

At Will: Finger of Decay, Phantom Bolt, Thunderwave

Encounter Attacks: Corpse Explosion, Acid Storm, Thunderlance, Twist of Space

Daily Attacks: Face of Death, Soul Puppets, Zacharias’ Black Tentacles, Unholy Conversion

Armor: Feyleather Skin of Agonies

Implements: Wand of Frigid Darkness, Staff of Transposition

Amulet: Phylactery of Necron-Ra

Mount: Persephone (Level 21 Undead Dragon Steed)



-To spread undeath to every last man, woman, and child in the multiverse.

-To become a god of undeath, replacing Vecna’s old portfolio.

-To unlock the power of his newly-acquired lich form.

-To build a little village up the coast.

Love Interests:

-You really don’t want to know.

Hated Enemies:

-Competition for supreme power over the undead (such as Akbaar)

-Anything bright, shiny, or holy.

-Flowers of any kind.

Notable Actions:

-Shattered the entire plane of Westerville with the assistance of his minion, Xarxax.

-Slaughtered an orphanage, raising the occupants as undead creatures to conquer an Imperial fortress.

-Flayed alive the Imperium’s Commander Doom, using his bones for his Archlich ritual.

-Tricked the Ta’el into giving him the Phylactery of Necron-Ra, effectively making him invincible.


Zacharias began as one of the wizards studying at Westerville Academy. He was involved in studying and rekindling the lost arts of necromancy, and his closet necrophiliac tendencies (well, ok, maybe not so closet), made the creation of undead his primary interest. Early in his quest (along with the other 5 original wizards of the academy) to save Westerville from the god Nerull, he stumbled upon a ritual for becoming a lich, and had since become fascinated by the idea of becoming undead himself.

As his adventures unfolded, Zacharias had gradually become less and less interested in the living, and more interested in the dead. His solutions to problems quickly began to drift towards a “kill first, Speak With Dead later” policy as he realized that people were far easier to deal with dead than alive. His demeanor began to transform from a neutral-aligned scholar with a disgusting sexual orientation, to a malicious sociopath.

During Zacharias’ time in the Shadowfell while attempting to stop Orcus from taking the Raven Queen’s throne, he came upon the prison holding the legendary necromancer Evard. Evard tempted Zacharias to enter the Prison of Fate where he was held with visions of necromantic powers he would be granted. Upon entering the prison with his fellow wizards, Zacharias was magically marked by Evard, tricked into becoming Evard’s avatar in the outside world. It took Zacharias quite some time to come up with the means to free his destiny from that of Evard…

During the final showdown between the wizards of Westerville and the risen god Nerull, Zacharias was to be a conduit for the magical power that would be used to destroy Nerull…and everything else within miles. While the other wizards (and Zacharias’ minion brain-in-a-jar) hid in a magically-protected coffin, Zacharias and Xarxax (the Armageddonator) worked together to bring down the Barrier preventing magical energy from entering the plane, and used this energy to create a mighty explosion to destroy Nerull. Zacharias’ body was utterly destroyed in the process. However, it was soon discovered by the remaining members of the party that the minion that had been accompanying Zacharias all this time, the brain-in-a-jar, now possessed all of Zacharias’ memories and thoughts, having been programmed as his mental clone just prior to the epic battle. It would seem that it was Zacharias’ intention all along to be destroyed, thereby removing the mark Evard had placed upon him. He was free… though he was still trapped in a jar of formaldehyde.

In the following days, the surviving party (and peoples from their plane) entered a much broader quest to free the multiverse from subjugation by the Illithid-ruled “Imperium”. During much of the early days of this quest, Zacharias was still confined to a brain-in-a-jar, moving around and manipulating objects by way of Mage Hand, and communicating through Ghost Sound. He could also command his undead minions to do tasks he needed a physical body for. However, the mental strain of being confined to a jar quickly began to wear on him, and it was soon clear to the party that Zacharias was losing what little grip to sanity he could still claim. He began to fancy himself as “the Floramancer” and became obsessed with flowers, especially dying ones. He began to mutter things to himself (or rather, to everyone around him using Ghost Sound), and would act in a random and unpredictable fashion when he was forced to communicate with people.

It was clear to Zacharias (during his few lucid moments), that the time had come to capitalize on the lich ritual he had possessed, unused, for so long. But it wasn’t enough to become a mere lich, as that would make him dependent upon an external entity for power. Zacharias altered the ritual to his own devices, for he was now powerful enough to become a lich dependent only on himself. His new body consisted of the bones of the Imperium’s Death Giant Commander (“Commander Doom”), ground into a fine dust, then magically hardened into a human-sized skeletal frame. Within this frame was placed the preserved brain from the jar that contained all his memories and power. A phylactery was created, Zacharias was reborn and remade into the multiverse’s first Archlich…and the world was never the same again.

Since his ascension to lichdom, Zacharias the Unclean’s power has grown by terrifying leaps and bounds. Through trickery, Zacharias obtained the Phylactery of Necro-Ra, a powerful and nigh indestructible artifact that can be used to safeguard his soul (or what is left of it) should he fall in battle. Combined with the ability of the Archlich to be reborn after only 24 hours following his destruction, Zacharias is now, for all practical purposes, invincible. Zacharias has also acquired a powerful epic mount in the form of an undead dragon. The dragon’s previous owner, a lesser lich whose name Zacharias did not bother to commit to memory, refused to sell the dragon and thus incurred the wrath of Zacharias… as well as all of the lesser lich’s undead minions as they turned against their former master under Zacharias’s potent influence. But perhaps Zacharias’s most dangerous and far-reaching accomplishment was to bind the fanatical leader of Akbaar’s clergy (a former rival for his claim to the title “God of the Undead”) to his own will, by convincing the cult leader to become a lich using Zacharias as a power source, then murdering the Akbaar church’s former leadership. Now, what remains of the church of Akbaar is, whether they realize it or not, bound to the will of Zacharias. With an entire church of worshippers of the undead under his indirect control, it is but a small step remaining towards godhood.


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